Tres Dawg – by Top Dawg Seeds
Afghani #1 x Chem Dawg 

21.69% THC 

Premium Hand-crafted Medical Cannabis 

$12 Gram

Today we have Tres Dawg available in:

Half Gram Prerolls

1 Gram Prerolls


Tres Dawg is a cross of  Afghani #1 and a backcrossed Chemdawg that is Indica dominant. It falls in the chemical/citrus flavors and is very pungent. This is a very relaxing strain that is strong and fast acting making it a great strain for PTSD and pain relief. This is one of the few ringer strains we have brought to our garden that you will find on Leafly or any of the other national cannabis boards. We chose Tres Dawg because of the benefits it offers to PTSD and chronic pain patients. Don’t kid yourself, if you are a seasoned patient with a few years under your belt and a high tolerance level, Tres Dog just might be your new favorite “go-to” strain. If you are a new patient or are blessed with a low tolerance level you may consider limiting Tres Dawg consumption to night-time or emergency relief usage.


Because of its pungent packed intense effects, Tres Dawg is an excellent candidate for micro dosing, or taking very small hits throughout the day. One small puff will medicate you well without the heavy hitting Indica effects. Finish a 1/2 gram pre-roll and it’s night, night time. (1 gram pre-roll if you have a high tolerance). 

Smell/taste: Chemy, chem, chem!  


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