1 Gram Premium Pre-Roll

Premium Hand-crafted Medical Cannabis Pre-Rolls

$12 each



Organtica premium pre-rolls are legit and, only $12! Only the finest hand trimmed and cured buds go into our pre-rolls. We save all of our shake, trim and bag ends for oil production - period. That means you will never get anything less that the same premium quality buds in our pre-rolls as you do on our shelves. We meticulously breakdown and grind every bud by hand to achieve  the perfect particulate consistency required for a smooth smoke and, each one is hand packed to ensure an even burn. We tried several rolling machines and found the quality of the end product wasn't nearly as good as we could do by hand. Like all things at Organtica, quality trumps over convenience or potential cost savings. We feel the same way about trimming our buds too. Sure we could save a whole lot of money and labor by using automated trimming machines, but why? Why take our hand watered, hand fed, beautifully cured buds and cram them into a machine that spits out mangled chunks of what was once pristine medical cannabis? It makes no sense.



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