OverFlo x Monster Cookies from Greenpoint Seeds

20.28% THC 

Premium, Hand-crafted Medical Cannabis 


0.5g Pre-roll $6, 1g Nitrogen Charged Pouch $12, 2g Nitrogen Charged Pouch $24


Today we have Overflookies available in:

Half Gram Premium Prerolls

Half  Gram Preroll 5-packs

1 Gram Nitrogen Sealed Pouches




Super excited about this Overflookies strain because of it’s exceptional qualities and crazy smell/taste. These buds are dark, deep, dense, sticky and very pungent. This is heavy hitting diesel/chem tasting beauty that will leave a coating of flavor in your mouth long after the exhale.


Heritage: OverFlo = Colorado Flo aka Temple Flo x Face off OG.  Monster Cookies = Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Granddaddy Purple

Smell/taste: Diesel Chem/Sweet Sandalwood  



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