Gummie Squares


Can we talk about Gummies (squares, not bears)? The number one requested product in our patient preference survey? You guessed it Gummies. Sounds like it should be pretty easy right? Not so much. Let me tell you, there are a million ways to screw up a gummy, and I’m pretty sure we hit all of them when were developing our gummy recipe. You have to make a bunch of bad gummies before you can come up with the perfect one. Firm, yet melts in your mouth and never a bitter after taste. Sounds good right? Try them today.  Available in 5 different varieties of flavors and strengths.


Watermelon Style 32mg THC per package - $9.00 

Watermelon Style Extra Strength 100mg per package - $20.00

CBD Gummies 30mg CBD 20mg THC $13.00

CBD Gummies 60mg CBD 50mg THC $24.00

Spicy Cinnamon Gummies 100mg THC $19.00


GUMMIES -  Glucose syrup, sugar, gelatin, dextrose, citric acid, corn starch, flavoring, fruit juice, spirulina extract, palm kernel oil, carnauba wax, white and yellow beeswax, crystalized lemon, cannabis oil.


Would You Like A Free Organtica Lanyard With Strain ID Laminate?

Stop by the Organtica dispensary clinic this month to claim your free Organtica lanyard and strain ID tag. How do you qualify for one of these very cool and handy gizmo's from the future? Glad you asked! It's simple and if you know us by now, you understand we want your feedback and, we are willing to share the love in return. Find out how you can score one of these...

Claim one of your own simply by returning two or more of our strain/medibles/capsule review forms, or for posting a review on our Facebook, GoogleInstagram pages.


No purchase required, while quantities last. Review forms can be picked up at the Organtica dispensary clinic. Limit one per month, while quantities last. No cash value.


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