Silver Kush

Silver Bubble X OG #18

23.1% THC 


0.5g Pre-roll $6, 1g Nitrogen Charged Pouch $12, 2g Nitrogen Charged Pouch $24


Today we have Silver Kush available in:

Half Gram Preroll



Silver Kush is a great indica dominant hybrid for relieving pain and stress.  It's earthy citrus taste makes for a super smooth hit every time.


From Leafly: Silver Kush is a sativa-dominant mix of Silver Bubble and OG #18 genetics bred by DNA Genetics under their Reserva Privada label. The uplifting effects of Silver Bubble blend with the potent relaxing force of OG #18 to create a strong sativa-driven hybrid that won’t overstimulate you with a heady buzz. Instead, you should find yourself happy, giggly, and balanced as your stress dissipates.  It should be noted that a genetic variation of Silver Kush is marketed by some as a cross of Super Silver Haze and OG Kush


Smell/taste: Earthy / Citrus / Pungent



Available in limited quantities at our dispensary clinic at 4001 Menaul BLVD NE Albuquerque, NM 87110



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