The real deal. 100% freshly ground flower is all we ever put into our pre-rolled cones. No ifs and or butts.



One of the things we absolutely insisted on was staying true to our roots. And one of the big sticking points was using only freshly ground, premium bud in our pre-rolled cones. It absolutely drives our growers nuts to see their beautifully hand trimmed buds, ground up to be put in pre-rolled cones. We have to do it in a separate area to keep them from totally having a meltdown (which we totally understand, but...). We get it! The emotional response from our growers is one thing, we cannot understand why any producer would fill their pre-rolled cones with shake, fan leaves, fillers and frankly, sub-par cannabis that didn't make the cut to premium or top shelf bud to begin with. It makes no sense what so ever. I mean, where is the pride in workmanship? Where is the love?

When you purchase an Organtica Pre-Rolled Cone we guarantee you're getting the finest bud with no shake, fillers, stems or seeds. You know, just like you would roll them, if you had the time.

OK, rant over. How about some nice bedtime reading before you head off to sleep? Over the top? Come on, I have to keep it fresh. Look, it was way better than the joke I was going to tell about my cousin Todd. Well, maybe later.


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