420, 4:20, 4/20. What is this all about?


Some people call it the Stoner Holiday, and there is no doubt that it certainly is, and has been for many years now, but don’t hold your bong hit too long waiting for it to become an official holiday any time soon. We don't care. That doesn’t matter to cannabis aficionados who hold this time of day, or date in April, close to their hearts. There will be celebrating.

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Got Seeds?


Spring is here, and it’s time to start seeds for your outdoor garden. We can help! Now you can grow some of the strains Organtica offers plus a few more from our favorite breeder. Organtica is now offering premium seeds direct from Irie Genetics.

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Sale on CCO


Select dosages of cold processed concentrated cannabis oil capsules are on sale now while quantities last. We are reorganizing our CCO, (Concentrated Cannabis Oil), line up and want to clear out our inventory. How do you do that? With this wonderful sale, of course! Our outreach to patients regarding made-to-order CCO Capsules is working so well that we now want to reduce the number of ready-made capsules to just a few different strengths of THC, CBD/THC and THCa.

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420 Connect - New Pricing!


Our good friends at 420 Connect are raising the bar once again by lowering their prices for NM Medical Cannabis patients. We are grateful to Mike and Noemi Wallace for all they have done and continue to do for NM patients, and because they chose Organtica to help. Before 420 Connect became a provider of medical cannabis recommendations for people wanting to join the NM Medical Cannabis Program most patients who couldn’t get their card referral from their regular doctor were paying up to $300 to a referring provider for a new MC recommendation and between $100 and $200 for a recertification each year.

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Free Grow Class for PPLs

New Mexico Medical Cannabis from Organtica - some of the finest cannabis on the planet


Organtica is proud to present its eleventh in a long series of free PPL grow classes on Saturday, May 5th. To participate in this beginner/intermediate class, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your seat. Open spots are limited and will be granted in order of which they were received by email.

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We all have a choice. Go off the deep end and raise holy hell, or turn that frown upside down and decide to be mellow. Did you know it takes over 2,000 muscles and bones to frown and throw a tantrum?? And yet, it only takes two people to smile at one another before a whole room of folks are smiling too and wondering what the hell the first two people were up to in the first place.

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The Créme


What do you get when you cross Cookies and Cream with the world famous Arise? Yeah, you guessed it; The Créme. Smooth and tasty, The Creme is a hybrid that is very unique in its creamy smoothness, pleasurable taste and wonderful mind and body effects. Like all of our genetics from Irie, the buds are super dense, packed with trichomes, terpenes and tasty goodness. Where? Only at Organtica.

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Organtica has chosen to utilize the online application, Weedmaps, to post our daily menu at our clinic. You can access Weedmaps through your computer browser or you may download the app for iOS and Android from their respective stores online. No matter how you choose to use Weedmaps, it is clean, and easy to navigate. You can be assured that we do our updates daily before we open

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Organtica Gear


We are creating new strain cards. Out with the old, (collectors items?), and in with the new. As we get ready to introduce some great new cannabis strains we will be producing new cards as well. You can get an Organtica lanyard with a strain card by completing an online review,

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New Tattoos?

New Mexico Medical Cannabis from Organtica - some of the finest cannabis on the planet


Did you get a new tattoo or are you planning to get one soon? Well, if so, we have some great news for you! Organtica Bees Wax Salve. Yup, you read correctly; Organtica Bees Wax Salve is great for post tattoo care, because it’s made with all organically produced ingredients that work with your bodies natural healing abilities, so you heal faster and better. 

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Showing You How

New Mexico Medical Cannabis from Organtica - some of the finest cannabis on the planet


Chances are you are viewing this message on your smartphone. That little device that demands our attention with its odd chirps, beeps, and chimes. Did you know you can transform your smart phone into an educational institution with no major upgrades, physical alterations, or pesky subscription based solutions?

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Sick As A Dog?

New Mexico Medical Cannabis from Organtica - some of the finest cannabis on the planet

When they say “I was sick as a dog” they really don’t mean their nose was cold and wet or that their breath smelled like garbage. What they mean is they were really sick and they just want to curl up and have somebody pet their head till they fell asleep. You know, after they took a long hot soak with Organtica Bath ORBS, had a little toast and tea with Organtica Medicated Honey, and then slathered on a little Organtica Bees Wax Salve.

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Custom Orders? You got it!

New Mexico Medical Cannabis from Organtica - some of the finest cannabis on the planet


“Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us. All we ask is that you let us, serve it your way.” Most of you are too young to remember it, but I’m old…that was a Burger King jingle from the mid ‘70s. I’ve brought it up to remind all our patients that we want you to get the most out of your medical cannabis experience, and we encourage special orders of our CCO Tinctures and Cannabis capsules.

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Get Moving - Aquatics Make it Easy

Aquatic Therapy


I know this seems to be a really weird time of the year to promote jumping in a pool, but I believe it is the perfect time since we have all had a couple of months of eating too much and exercising too little. Many of our patients haven't exercised at all in years and have very good reasons for this lapse in movement, and although not everyone is ready yet, I'm here to encourage you to try something that nearly anyone can do no matter what their disability, will feel great while you're doing it, and will improve quality of life exponentially; Aquatic Therapy. Even if you think you can't do it, you'll be happy to know there are Aquatic programs in our area for just about anyone.

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Flu Got You?

New Mexico Medical Cannabis from Organtica - some of the finest cannabis on the planet


Winter is here... so is the cold and flu season and all the aches and pains associated with it. If you are lucky enough not to catch a cold or the flu, you probably won’t escape the overall body aches and pains if you spend any time in the great outdoors. Good thing we perfected the Organtica Bees Wax salve. Slap it on the parts that hurt, rub it in, and sooth the pain away naturally.

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Annual Renewals?

New Mexico Medical Cannabis from Organtica - some of the finest cannabis on the planet


When you make the decision to dive deep into the program you'll find yourself emerged in a world of healthy alternatives, rich in tradition and grounded in elements from the Earth. Annual renewals are the instrument for which we are granted the privilege and responsibility that is the world we are emerged.

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Buzz Rocks

New Mexico Medical Cannabis from Organtica - some of the finest cannabis on the planet


It’s fitting that the first human to put a moon rock in his pocket was named Buzz, right? Learn more exciting, fun filled facts about moon rocks and spooky space exploration at your friendly neighborhood Organtica information station. The more you learn the more you know. The more you know, the smarter you are, and you also may require a larger hat size. Just saying, knowledge is dense man.

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How do we love you? Let us count the ways.

New Mexico Medical Cannabis from Organtica - some of the finest cannabis on the planet


Sonnet 43 - The classic poem by renowned poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, tells of a pure and endless love and seems so appropriate for the Love Month of February and Valentines Day. It is probably one of the most quoted love poem ever written, recited by the likes of Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit to Jackie Gleason, and now a Medical Cannabis Clinic. Written in the 1860s, the popularity of Browning's sonnet endures through the modern age.

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Ancient Medications

New Mexico Medical Cannabis from Organtica - some of the finest cannabis on the planet


On or near this day in 1769, Sir Ima Dabalott invented man kind's first ever dab rig. Named after its inventor, the Dabalott, was a modern wonder of hydraulic pressure and cooling capabilities that featured a streamlined, compact design that required no electricity or internal combustion engine to drive its internal workings (thankfully as electricity and the modern motor would be years from inception).  In presentation to kings and noblemen from around the world, Sir Dabalott would fill the glass chamber with 6 liters of fine, sweet American hemp oil, and fill the entire household with thick, sweet smelling smoke and fumes until no light would pass through the thick vapor. What happened after that, we will never know. There is no record of the subsequent findings, only odd drawings, partial song lyrics and a recipe for what can only be described as a medicated meat pie. 

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Under Pressure?

New Mexico Medical Cannabis from Organtica - some of the finest cannabis on the planet


I’ve heard that a rolling stone gathers no moss, and we all know a body in motion stays in motion. So, it stands to reason that if we just keep moving, pushing forward and bettering ourselves, we avoid the constraints that would bind us to complacency. Be the commander of your destiny, get out there in the world and make it your own. Live, love, share, be the bad ass you were born to be. This is your life, grab it by both horns and move along. 

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