We stand behind our patients and our word.

If at any time you feel your Organtica purchase is not up to snuff, or if you are not satisfied in any way, we want to hear about it, so we can make it better. Of course we offer a money back guarantee on all Organtica products, no questions asked, except for “how can we make it better?” Simply return the unused product in its original packaging to the dispensary and we will refund you the difference.




We go to great lengths to provide only the finest medications and products. We have literally spent years finding strains that are unique and offer distinct medicinal advantages to the qualifying conditions. Put literally we have been breading strains to fit your ailments like no other.


All of our signature strains are exclusive to Organtica. Each has been hand selected for its superior genetics in vibrancy, taste and terpene content.

All of our plants are grown organically; we use only natural pesticides that are approved in Colorado as a preventative measure when the plants are transplanted in the pre-flowering stage. We never apply pesticides to plants that are in flowering stages. We would rather loose a plant or two than run the risk of residual pesticides accumulating in any of our plants.

We work closely with New Mexico’s leading testing laboratories to ensure our plants are healthy, vibrant and safe for our patients to consume. We go way beyond the testing standards set forth by the state. We test every single batch of cannabis that is harvested and all of the cannabis derived products we manufacture. We don’t do it because we are required to, we do it to ensure our patients that when they purchase Organtica products they know without hesitation that it is the very finest medicine they can buy, guaranteed.