The New Mexico Department of Health is making progress reducing the number of days it takes to approve patient applications. The program is in compliance for approving completed applications and printing and mailing registry cards 5 days following approval. 60 extensions will no longer be granted after Jan. 1st.


In the summer of 2016, the Department of Health extended patient registry identification cards that expired between June 15 and December 31, 2016 for an additional 60 days.

Cards with expiration dates of January 1, 2017 and later are not eligible for the 60 day extension.

While the DOH is working to streamline approval processes and printing of patient cards, it is the patient’s responsibility to submit an applications at least 30 days prior to their card expiring; however, MCP strongly encourages patients to submit applications 60 days prior to their card expiring.


During an informal review of patient applications received in 2016, the DOH found the following:

  • Many patients send their applications after their cards have expired.
  • Many patients submit their applications within a few days of their cards expiring.

Please follow the checklist on the application to ensure all required information is submitted.

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When renewing your New Mexico Medical Cannabis Card, ask yourself if you need concentrates, such as in Rick Simpson Oil. If you do please check out the 70% concentrates cap exemption request check list below. If you use RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) or concentrates as part of your therapy, you should look into this and talk to your Doctor. Just saying. 

Look, nobody is happy about the new rules going into enforcement this last June. The 70% cap on concentrates in particular, has caused a lot of stir and even more confusion. The bottom line is you can no longer purchase concentrates or RSO oil that tests out over 70% THC, unless you have a 70% cap exemption.

How do you get an exemption? It should be as easy as saying “hey, I use concentrates and RSO as part of my medical cannabis therapy”. Please approve my exemption to the 70% cap on concentrates and RSO. Your doctor has the power to write a note and sign it along with your re-enrollment papers. Ask your doctor if they support the exemption before you make your appointment. If you need it and they don’t support it, you will save yourself some time and when renewals are running 90 behind, you can’t afford to lose a day!

Check List:

1. Re-enroll 90 days before NMMCP card expiration

2. Check Drivers License expiration date

3. Ask your Doctor for a 70% Concentrate cap exemption

If you use concentrates or RSO as part of your cannabis therapy, you need to apply for the 70% cap exemption. Patients without this exemption will no longer be able to purchase concentrates or RSO that test out over 70% THC.

If your doctor will not support the exemption or is unwilling to provide you with a waiver, you should seek another doctor immediately.

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