At Organtica we offer Veterans a 15% discount every day on all medical cannabis products. Must be a licensed NMMCP patient enrolled with Organtica and posses a valid military ID card, or a retiree card. 


Other forms of military ID: VA health care card, VA issued ID Card, state drivers license with a veterans designation, a Veterans Organization Card (e.g., DAV, American Legion, VFW, etc.), DD214, or discharge paperwork.

We got called on the mat and, rightfully so! One of our astute followers pointed out that we didn’t state our policy or intentions on our website regarding military discounts and wondered if we supported our veterans. Of course we do! And frankly we were very embarrassed that this had to be brought to our attention.  Since our inception way back in 2009, we have always intended to offer our veterans a discount on Organtica medical cannabis and medical cannabis products. Its the right thing to do. We stand behind the men and women who give so much to our county and defend our way of life. We have seen first hand, the wonderful healing effects medical cannabis has had in helping control PTSD and pain. It is our belief that all veterans should have the option available to them for safe, affordable access to medical cannabis.

No excuses, oversight taken care of. Thank you for your service and support!


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