When you are ready to pursue medical cannabis as an alternative for a better life-path, the road can be very confusing. Your family practitioner may not be versed in the advances in medical cannabis therapies and may actually be prohibited from counseling you on the matter because of Federal restrictions and outdated conceptions. Relax we are here to help you.



As patients, we go through this every year... recertification after recertification, what a drag and what a hassle! You never know what is the best deal or, more importantly what is best for your health interests. Where do you get the best service, price and medical advise year in and year out? 420 Connect. We met Mike and Noemy Wallace and we couldn't have been more sure about a team and their commitment to serving NMMCP patients. Mike is a Veteran and pain specialist, Noemy is the firecracker/glue that sticks everything together. As a team, they represent a new generation of medical professionals that are committed to helping patients find and achieve a better life path that may include sensible, regulated and, legal medical cannabis use. 


"I am Board certified in family practice. My speciality is chronic pain.
I would be happy to discuss your medical issues with you.
We are located within Organtica 4001 menaul and provide low cost certification services.

Happy to help."   - Mike Wallace


If you want help navigating the process of getting into the New Mexico medical cannabis program - call 420 Connect or stop by the Organtica Dispensary Clinic for the very best rates on quification and recertification in the State.


420 Connect regular, everyday rates (some of the very lowest in the State for Chronic Pain and PTSD):

Any Condition With Records   $140

PTSD Evaluation (No Records)   $175

Annual Recertification   $80

Caregiver Application (including BKD check) $50

PPL Application FREE w/certification

Referrals  and Your Recertification is FREE

Veteran Discounts ARE Available!


- 420 Connect is by appointment only -  Call today for yours - Phone: (505) 850-4849 -  Fax: (505)565-0264 Visit 420 Connect's Facebook page


Mike Wallace MSN FNP-BC - Available at Organtica 4001 Menaul BLVD NE Albuquerque, NM 87110 and 1202 Main St. Suite 203 Los Lunas, NM 87031



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