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A guide to new possession rules and regulations for New Mexico Cannabis Patients – By David Turner


Good morning campers. Organtica would like to help everyone understand the new rules governing medical cannabis patients in New Mexico. These rules were published 2/27/15 and effect purchase starting May 2016, units, measures, and possession limits . . . There is a good deal of math involved so sharpen your pencils and put on your thinking caps.

Lets dive in….

A “unit” is a standardized measurement for all medical cannabis medications available for purchase by patients or primary caregivers. As a patient or primary caregiver you can purchase and possess a limited number of units over a given amount of time. So far so good, right?




The dried medical cannabis unit is based solely on gross weight. The confusion is in the other forms a patient may purchase such as edibles, concentrates (oils, waxes) because a unit for these items is based on the amount of THC in the purchased product. There is a 70% limit to the amount of THC in these forms of medicine unless the patient has an exemption from The New Mexico Dept. of Health via your medical practitioner for higher concentrations. So,




Confused yet?


Ok, lets try to get an understanding … a gram of medical cannabis flower is available in many different strains which have various percentages of THC between 10% and 30%.

 No matter what strain is purchased or it’s THC percentage, the gram of dried cannabis flowers is considered 1 unit.


This confusion comes when figuring out what a unit represents in edibles and concentrates. 1 unit in a cannabis-derived product (edibles, concentrates etc.) is 200 mg of THC. The state has set the limit of 70% THC by weight for these products. This means that for every gram of these products they may contain up to but not more than 700 mg of THC. Remember,

the standard for cannabis-derived products is 1 unit equals 200 mgs of THC.


1 gram of standard medical concentrate is 3.5 units. Here is how we get that:

Example: 1 gram of the standard 70% THC wax is considered 3.5 units because 700mg/200mg=3.5 units. If an edible brownie has 400 mgs of THC it is considered
2 units. 400mg/200mg=2 units. Are you with me so far?


Limits. There are new limits pertaining to the amounts you may possess and/or purchase as a patient. The new limit is 230 units collectively in any 3-month (90 day) period. This looks like a large amount at first glance. In real terms this translates to about 8 ounces of dried medical cannabis every 3 months. On an average daily basis this means a little over 2.5 units per day. Translated, the new purchase/possession limits allow you the following daily average amounts:


2.55 units per day

2.55 grams of dried medical cannabis flower daily, or

.73 grams of medical cannabis concentrate (wax/oil), or

511 milligrams of concentrated THC (edibles) daily.


This is not a large amount for some patients. Organtica encourages patients or primary caregivers to seek the exemption if the levels of consumption are above or close to these levels.


My head hurts looking at all this and I bet yours does too! It is probably a good thing I am also a math teacher. These numbers should help you to understand whether or not you are getting the proper palliative care and/or the exemption status for more medicine or higher concentrates as needed.


Exemption. Up to an additional 115 units and/or higher concentrate levels may be allowed at the discretion of the New Mexico Dept. of Health upon submission of a medical statement from your medical practitioner. This would give those patients 345 units over 90 days. The daily average would then increase up to:


3.83 units per day

3.83 grams of dried medical cannabis flower daily, or

1.09 grams of medical cannabis concentrate (wax/oil), or

766 milligrams of concentrated THC (edibles) daily.


Also, if an exemption is granted by New Mexico Dept. of Health, higher percentages of THC in concentrates may be purchased. At 80% concentration, a gram of concentrate would contain 4 units or 800 mgs. 800mg/200mg=4 units. See your medical practitioner if you feel the need for higher concentrations or larger amounts than allowed.


Organtica believes that the labeling on all medical cannabis products should contain weights, units and percentages of THC for a better, safer understanding and use. You will be turned away attempting to purchase more medicine without the written approval from your medical practitioner AND the New Mexico Dept. of Health when your 230 units have been used up during any given 90 days.



“Maximize your patient license 101”

If a particular strain of medical cannabis has a 20% THC level it is said to have 200mg of THC per gram of dried medical cannabis flowers … 20% = 200 mg. At 10% THC content it has only 100mg of THC per gram. At 25% the medical cannabis will contain 250 mg of THC per gram of medical cannabis flowers. Each of the three examples counts as 1 unit. Remember, the dried medical cannabis flower “unit“ is measured by gross weight. 1/8 of an ounce is considered 3.5 grams, which is 3.5 units no matter what percentage of THC is in that strain.


Example: Let’s say that Lemon Sour Diesel contains 21.12% THC. Drop the percent sign to get 21.12, move the decimal one place to the right to get 211.2. Now add the milligram sign (mg) and we get 211.2 mgs of THC in a gram of this Lemon Sour Diesel purchased. Keep in mind 1 unit of dried medical cannabis is the same as 200mg in other products. Dried medical cannabis with a percentage of THC higher than 20% gets the patient more THC for the same number of units in concentrates or edibles.


230 units of dried medical cannabis at 27% THC would be 230 x 270mgs = 62,100mgs of THC over a 90 day period or an average of 690mgs per day

230 units of medical cannabis concentrate would be 230 x 200mgs = 46,000mgs of THC over a 90 day period or an average of 511mgs per day


 Meanwhile back in math class: “…given this information, what color was the right eye of the puppy in the brown car. “


David Turner – OMG


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