What if: You could make the perfect sandwich? Whatever your heart's desire, artisan bread, organic cheese, hand-crafted, range free meats and lettuce... or the peanut butter & jelly ones just like your mom used to make when you were a kid. Whatever your idea of the perfect sandwich can be made just little bit better by adding Organtica medicated condiments to the mix.

Only you know what makes the perfect sandwich. Make it medicated, make it epic.

Enjoy every sandwich! 

Ever wanted to make a sandwich at home and wish it was medicated? Ever have a piece of toast or English muffin in the morning and thought, Man, if I only had some medicated jam to go on this, it would totally complete my balanced diet and have an awesome medicated kick to it? How about a nice healthy, fresh garden salad, made just the way you like it, because you're the one making it? Sprinkle a package of our Cannabits or Sesame squares on that salad and call it medicated!

Organtica Medibles are much more than packaged brownies, candies and gummie squares. We think it should also be about medicating condiments we use everyday, when we prepare our daily meals. 

Fresh is best! Make your own at home.

Take home a little medicated Raspberry jam home and just think of all the possibilities you have in front of you. Crackers with a smear of cream cheese topped with jam, is a great snack and an excellent way to medicate. Peanut butter sandwich? Bam! Its a medicated peanut butter sandwich now! Bake with it, put it on you muffins, ice-cream, granola, mutton, whatever your taste buds take you, go with it!


Stone ground mustard? Yeah, when I first heard the idea I didn't quite get it. Now that I've tried it, lunch time will never be the same. How many times have scrounged around in the refrigerator trying to make the ultimate sandwich and though, "If only there was a way I could magically turn this master piece into a medicated Dagwood!" Yeah, that's right, let it sink in for a minute. 


Fresh salads are always better with medicated croutons (Cannabits). Eating healthy can be a challenge. Everybody knows eating salads is an efficient way to add fiber, vitamins, minerals and fresh produce to your diet. We all try to be healthy but, what if you could add a little fun to the routine and mix things up a bit? Want to eat healthy and medicate at the same time? Bam! Medicate that salad.


Savory Snacks? Sweets and candies are not for everyone. Some folks want salty or savory options, some folks can't deal with added sugars because of dietary reasons. We offer several "savory" options that do not include added sugars and tend to be on the spicy or savory side of the taste pendulum.  

Savory Nuts

Sesame Squares



Did somebody say medicated Beef Jerky? Deep in development, all we can tell you at this time is... wow. As in wow, we can't wait for you to try it! No, seriously. Sorry to all of our vegan and vegetarian friends ahead of time. We are considering medicated roasted vegetable chips, we just need to find one that tastes really good. It's hard work, but we're up for the challenge. The rest of you meat eaters, keep an eye out for this one!


Where do we go from here?

We keep pushing the boundaries, developing new products that will fit well in the lives of New Mexico medical cannabis patients. The common link in all of our products and services is the desire to offer something special that resonates with our patients. Something exceptional, something you can be proud to tell your family and friends about.



Want the most affordable rates for NMMCP recertification in the state? 
Stop by the Organtica dispensary clinic and make an appointment with 420 Connect.


How about beautiful hand-crafted glass made by local artisans at artist direct pricing?
Check out our Glass Addict displays, featuring some of the area's most talented artists and their craft.


Are you hungry but want to get medicated at the same time? 
Check out our new line of Organtica Branded Medibles: 

Savory Nuts

Cayenne Caramel Brownie

Ginger/White Chocolate Brownie


Cayenne Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle

Strawberry Taffy

Banana Taffy



Do you Like To Win Free Stuff? 

How Would You Like A Free Organtica Lanyard With Strain ID Laminate?

Stop by the Organtica dispensary clinic this month to claim your free Organtica lanyard and strain ID tag. How do you qualify for one of these very cool and handy gizmo's from the future? Glad you asked! It's simple and if you know us by now, you understand we want your feedback and, we are willing to share the love in return. Find out how you can score one of these...

Claim one of your own simply by returning two or more of our strain/medibles/capsule review forms, or for posting a review on our Facebook, GoogleInstagram pages.


No purchase required, while quantities last. Review forms can be picked up at the Organtica dispensary clinic. Limit one per month, while quantities last. No cash value.


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