As Washington and all of its lobbyists, politicians and corporate backers gear up to stake massive claims in the emerging cannabis industry we have to remind ourselves of a couple of very important factors. Big business is, what big business has done. Capitalize, monetize, exploit and control markets at any cost. It’s unbridled growth with an insatiable appetite for absolute dominance. If this was any other industry, any other product it would surely be the beginning of the end of the life as we know it. Relax, we are talking about medical cannabis, not petroleum products, beef or pharmaceuticals.

To my point; I can’t manufacture my own gas, I sure don’t know a thing about raising cattle (I’m pretty sure my landlord would have issues with that) and I can honestly say I haven’t a clue about how to make an aspirin tablet or a dose of penicillin (though my refrigerator would tell you I know how to grow real good mold). I can tell you this; I can grow a plant and, so can you. For generations, political and economic forces have waged a war on cannabis. Billions of dollars have been wasted, millions of lives have been disrupted and, to what end? Cannabis is still here and more popular than ever, unlike all of Washington’s lobbyists, politicians and corporate backers. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, it’s just a plant!


Medibles in stock:

Brownies, Cheese Cake, Beef Jerky, Raspberry Jam, Stone Ground Mustard, Macaroons, Chocolates, Hard Candy, Gummie Squares and medicated Doughnuts (Saturdays).


Infused Products in Stock:

Tinctures and Concentrated Cannabis Oil Capsules (CCO)


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Stop by the Organtica dispensary clinic and make an appointment with 420 Connect.


How about beautiful hand-crafted glass made by local artisans at artist direct pricing?
Check out our Glass Addict displays, featuring some of the area's most talented artists and their craft.


Are you hungry but want to get medicated at the same time? 
Check out our new line of Organtica Branded Medibles: 

Savory Nuts

Cayenne Caramel Brownie

Ginger/White Chocolate Brownie


Cayenne Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle

Strawberry Taffy

Banana Taffy



Medicated Jam

Medicated Jerky

Medible Doughnuts?

Make It Your Own



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