I know this seems to be a really weird time of the year to promote jumping in a pool, but I believe it is the perfect time since we have all had a couple of months of eating too much and exercising too little. Many of our patients haven't exercised at all in years and have very good reasons for this lapse in movement, and although not everyone is ready yet, I'm here to encourage you to try something that nearly anyone can do no matter what their disability, will feel great while you're doing it, and will improve quality of life exponentially; Aquatic Therapy. Even if you think you can't do it, you'll be happy to know there are Aquatic programs in our area for just about anyone.

Aquatic therapy is the performance of specific stretching, strengthening, and functional exercises in the water. Typically, aquatic therapy is indicated when land-based therapies are too limited by pain intensity, obesity, post-operative weight-bearing restrictions, and severe muscle weakness due to illness or de-conditioning.

With aquatic therapy and water exercise programs, water provides the participant resistance from all directions, which makes it the perfect environment for whole body strength and conditioning. The buoyancy properties of water reduces weight bearing pressure through the spine, weight bearing joints and lower extremities. Water's buoyancy also assists in lifting the lower and upper extremities during exercise making movement much easier.  With as little as 40 minutes per session - two to three times a week, Aquatic therapy drastically improves your circulatory system as well as increasing muscle tone and bone density. Just like the plants we grow, movement is necessary for us to thrive, be strong and resist disease and other maladies.

The short of it is, water therapy can get many people moving again and keep them there as long as they stay with some sort of movement/exercise regime. Ask your healthcare provider if you are a candidate for aquatic therapy, (done in a therapy pool with temperatures of 91ºF to 93ºF), or water exercise and aerobics (done in lower temperature pools usually in the mid 80sºF). There are many pools and program choices in the Greater Albuquerque Area, (see the list of links below).

Depending on how you are insured you may already have free access to one of these facilities. You may also qualify for low income pricing, senior pricing, special pricing for people with disabilities and for other discounts and freebies. You don't know until you ask!

ABQ/City Public Pools

Defined Fitness Health Clubs

Department of Senior Affairs/Senior Sports
and Fitness Adapted Aquatics

UNM Johnson Center Pool

Rio Rancho Aquatic Center

JCC of Greater Albuquerque/Max and Ruth Pollack Aquatic Complex

Aqualife Aquatic Center

Lovelace Rehabilitation Hospital Therapy Pool

Presbyterian Aquatic Program - Presbyterian Healthplex
If you are on Presbyterian Health plan you may have free access to Defined Fitness and Sports and Wellness Centers for water therapy.

Sports and Wellness Centers

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