Most everyone has heard the expression “Beware of the Ides of March”, but what is an “Ides” and why should we worry? Ides means fifteen, and we don’t have to worry one bit. We can continue to despise April 15, but March 15 was only a worry for Julius Caesar, and that was a very long time ago.

Et tu, Bruté? In 44BC Caesar had been ruling the Roman Empire as a dictator for a while, and the senate actually gave him that title for a while. The Republic had formerly been run by a triumvirate, three leaders working together, and several of Rome’s senators were growing suspicious of Caesar, despite the senate giving him the full title. His impending rise as a dictator and the support of his ever growing middle class base was a huge fear of these senators and they plotted to kill Julius Caesar, seeing that as the only way to save the Republic of Rome.  They assassinated him, it didn’t work out so well, and Rome soon plunged into years of civil wars. (Yes, I'm going to make you read to the end for the Caesar special, but can you guess  what it is yet?)

Brutus, a close friend and one time ally who once looked upon Caesar as his mentor, led the plot to assassinate, and as portrayed in Shakespeare’s play, “Julius Caesar”, Caesar remarked “Et tu, Brute” translated “You too, Brutus?”, to his friend. Some ancient Roman historians have said Caesars last words were actually “You too, child”? which would seem to explain the father-son kind of relationship between Caesar and Brutus, but other historians report he said nothing and hid under his cloak when he saw Brutus was among the attackers. Little does it matter now, but the whole scenario of how this came about is strangely haunting considering the way politics are going in the world today.

Was Caesar really warned about March 15, 44BC? Historians say yes, he was. Caesar suffered epilepsy, and because he had what his doctors called “dizzy spells” and had suffered one that morning, his doctors advised he NOT go meet with his senate that day. Additionally, Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia, pleaded that he stay at home and tried to physical restrain him from leaving because of a bad dream she had. Although these warnings are recorded in history, “Beware of the Ides of March” was another line from Shakespeare play.

Why and how are we celebrating the Ides of March? Ahhh, there's a good reason! We have just finished producing our final batch of Caesar Kush, and will be offering it at a discount until it is all gone. Hail Caesar! It isn’t like Caesar wasn’t any good. In fact, it is a favorite of many of the medical cannabis populous. But it was time to make way for some wonderful new strains in production and Caesar didn’t get to dictate this move for us. Come on by Organtica on the Ides of March and pick up some Caesar Kush with special pricing of $9 per gram. As the full saying from Shakespeare goes... "Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar." Farewell Caesar!


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