Humble Beginnings

Organtica grows medical cannabis from seed


It all starts here, sprouting seeds from the finest breeders, waiting for the perfect phenomes to present themselves and praying they are mostly females. We harvested the pollen from the strongest males, documented them, stored them in our genetics library and laid them to rest to make room for more sprouts.


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Quality You Can Count On

We stand behind our patients and our word.

If at any time you feel your Organtica purchase is not up to snuff, or if you are not satisfied in any way, we want to hear about it, so we can make it better. Of course we offer a money back guarantee on all Organtica products, no questions asked, except for “how can we make it better?” Simply return the unused product in its original packaging to the dispensary and we will refund you the difference.


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ERB Magazine Coverage

Organtica whispers of joy and delight


National Retail Industry Leaders ERB (Exceptional Retail Buyer) Magazine has awarded Organtica the first ever, cover shout out and feature article to a medical cannabis dispensary clinic. They acknowledge the trend we are setting and the difference we make to the patients and the community. Thank you to all of our artists that work so hard and the patients that dig your work. Together we make the world go round.

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Garden Flyover

Even though I don’t get to go through the production facility as often as I would like, there is something magical that happens when I stroll by the gardens, especially the flowering rooms. The air, light and magic all add up to a killer dose of “chill”. It makes me feel great!

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