Gene Nestor Reviews

Organtica whispers of joy and delight


Gene Nestor is an Albuquerque original through and through. Holding nothing back and telling it like it is, Gene shares his experiences in the New Mexico medical cannabis community and breaks down the taste, smell, bag appeal and effect of each strain and concentrate he purchases on his own dime, on his own time. Beholding to nobody, Gene tends to be quite real, funny and colorful, while his reviews may not be suitable for prime time TV, they are honest and from the heart.

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Concentrated Cannabis Oil from Organtica


Single strain CBD capsules, Thieves Oil formula, Copaiba formula capsules available in multiple strength. Have you tried them yet?

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Mac White Glass


Mac (McKinley) White is a Bellingham Washington glass artist originally from Albuquerque where he started his quest to become a full-time glass blower. Mac worked under and, with many of Albuquerque's acclaimed glass artists while refining his craft and pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality. Learn more...


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Renewal Delay Update

Tubes of RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)


The New Mexico Department of Health is making progress reducing the number of days it takes to approve patient applications. The program is in compliance for approving completed applications and printing and mailing registry cards 5 days following approval. 60 extensions will no longer be granted after Jan. 1st.

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More Prize Drops

Table full of Organtica swag and prizes


But wait, we have prize drops to do! Since December 2015, the Organtica Prize Drop Crew has been traveling across New Mexico every month to meet patients and folks who want to learn more about becoming patients in the New Mexico Medical Cannabis program. We have been North, South, East and, West. From Aztek to Ruidoso, Gallup to Silver City.


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Why So Long?

Architects and engineers hard at work discussing the Organtica facility contstruction


We are taking as much time as it requires bringing the absolute best, without compromise. Our commitment to quality comes first. We have struggled and fought tooth and nail to find the very best breeders and cultivators that share our vision and quest for the very best. It aint easy and, at times can be downright heartbreaking.


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Clone and Go

Starting Medical Cannabis Clones


At this point in time in our strain quest we were in a perpetual cycle of backing up our genetics as we ready plants for a quick flowering cycle to find out what is what and, who is who. It was extremely important to weed out (pardon the pun) the males as soon as possible, preferably before they present, so we can make room down the chain.

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These Old Lights?

These old lights have grown many time before


Are you really going to run those old lights? In true bootstrap fashion we had to cobble together equipment that would run on 2-phase power temporarily, while we worked with PNM to finish our 1,600 Amp, 277, 3-phase power upgrade. We begged, borrowed and raided many of our personal grows to pull together the equipment we needed to continue our genetics research.


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And They Grew

Beautiful babies!


And they grew, and grew, and grew, and grew. Tips up and reaching for the light. Nothings says loving, like a room full of healthy, vibrant seedlings! During this phase of our genetics research we really had to be creative and use our limited resources as efficiently as possible.

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Silver City Prize Drop

Silver City Bike and Blues Prize Drop


We were very honored to to be asked to participate in the Silver City Bikes and Blues event this past Memorial Day weekend. We met a ton of patients and supporters who were very excited that we were there. For way too long the 300 plus, patients in the area have had to travel to Las Cruces to purchase their medicine.


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Humble Beginnings

Organtica grows medical cannabis from seed


It all starts here, sprouting seeds from the finest breeders, waiting for the perfect phenomes to present themselves and praying they are mostly females. We harvested the pollen from the strongest males, documented them, stored them in our genetics library and laid them to rest to make room for more sprouts.


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Quality You Can Count On

We stand behind our patients and our word.

If at any time you feel your Organtica purchase is not up to snuff, or if you are not satisfied in any way, we want to hear about it, so we can make it better. Of course we offer a money back guarantee on all Organtica products, no questions asked, except for “how can we make it better?” Simply return the unused product in its original packaging to the dispensary and we will refund you the difference.


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ERB Magazine Coverage

Organtica whispers of joy and delight


National Retail Industry Leaders ERB (Exceptional Retail Buyer) Magazine has awarded Organtica the first ever, cover shout out and feature article to a medical cannabis dispensary clinic. They acknowledge the trend we are setting and the difference we make to the patients and the community. Thank you to all of our artists that work so hard and the patients that dig your work. Together we make the world go round.

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Garden Flyover

Even though I don’t get to go through the production facility as often as I would like, there is something magical that happens when I stroll by the gardens, especially the flowering rooms. The air, light and magic all add up to a killer dose of “chill”. It makes me feel great!

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